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CortoNatura 24° GPFF

The Human

Harko Wubs - Netherlands | 2019 | 10’
By observing ‘the human’ in a traditional ‘nature-documentary style’ and by showing how we get our daily food, questions are being raised about mankinds relation to nature.


Emmanuelle Prétot - France | 2019 | 9’
In France, in the Franche-Comté region, Bernard Michaud created a sawmill that produces wood for violin making.  As the seasons unfold, he takes us into the forest in search of the most beautiful spruces.  From the tree to music…

Stories of You and I

John Davies UK | 2021 | 19’
Narrated by Academy Award Nominee, Jonathan Pryce, ‘Stories of You and I’ is an open letter to the Earth, remembering a life of infatuation with nature around the British Isles. It is a touching, personal and emotional cry for environmental justice told through an intimate relationship with the natural world.


Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise - France | 2020 | 8’
Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate.

Déjà il y avait les vagues

Julien Deper - Belgium | 2020 | 5’
I saw the horses go out to sea. The air turned into blue cloth – it was cold and had a specific scent. Creatures came to life and shared their memory with us, like a river flowing among the trees. With the wind swelling the sails of one’s dreams.


Lorenzo Riboni - Italy | 2020 | 6’
Among the peaks and the sky of Gran Paradiso vision of dreams and reality surrounded by clouds covering the mountains, the wind that raises the last dust of the evening and the dance between heaven and sky restart again.”


Sébastien Pins - Belgium | 2019 | 12’
A horse logger and his horse take us deep into a forest in the Ardennes as the seasons go by, living his passion under the gaze of a strange young girl…


Conor Ferris - UK 2021 | 20’
Since he was a boy, writer Adam Nicolson has been visiting remote islands in Scotland that once filled with seabirds each summer. After witnessing the distressing decline of these colonies first hand, he shares a unique perspective on the resilience of life in the face of catastrophe.


di Pauline Epiard, Valentine Ventura, Tiphaine Burguburu, Clémentine Vasseur, Lisa Laîné, Élodie Laborde | France | 2020 | 6’
Followed by his faithful cameraman, a shady reporter takes off on a journey to document a presumed exctinct species.


*This short-film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing

Serpenti e uomini della Val Grande - Insospettabili compagni di viaggio

Marco Tessaro - Italy | 2021 | 15’
It may sound strange, but humankind has supported snakes for centuries. The gradual colonisation of the Alps, aimed at ensuring the seasonal movement of livestock from winter to summer pastures, has resulted in clearings, hay meadows and pastures. A slow process of landscape transformation has contributed to diversity, creating favourable living conditions for numerous species, and relationships that are far from obvious.